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English for senior citizens


angielski dla seniorów
Perfect if you:

> want to discover your potential and learn English,

> want to feel comfortable during English classes,

> want to have classes at regular hours and with the same group,

> need more repetitions and more exercises to consolidate the material,

> want the time and the pace of the course to be adapted to your needs and abilities,

> need assistance while using Multimedia Lessons,

> would like to meet interesting people and spend time in a friendly atmosphere.


Leave us your contact information, and we will help you with your English.

Course for seniors consists of:

> 40 lessons with a teacher - 45 minutes each

> 20 multimedia lessons with a teacher - 60 minutes each

> 2 implementation lessons on the multimedia system

together 52 hours

Additional information:

> classes are in the same goups, with the same teacher,

> twice a week, at the same time,

> multimedia lessons with a teacher - 60-minute classes,

> students can repeat multimedia lessons at school and online in Student Zone.