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English for Advanced Students

kurs zaawansowany speak up


> know English well or very well,

> have been learning for a long time and want to maintain and improve their knowledge,

> want to talk a lot and explore the secrets of high-level grammar,

> want a motivating and effective method,

> want to use not only the course but also additional, interesting activities, business or hobby-themed classes.


We realise how important it is to be in constant contact with the English language if you want to remain fluent. Nowadays we use English almost every day, especially at work during business meetings. But not only, often we talk in English with our colleagues, and we make friends with people from all over the world.


That is why at Speak Up we offer two options to choose from to start the advanced course:


> from ADVANCED level

> from MASTER level


Leave us your contact information, and we will help you with your English.

What classes can you take part in at speak Up?

Your English level is Advanced and you need new challenges and want to train the skills you have already acquired.

This is why we offer many different classes and freedom of choice.

Choose classes that interest you the most: 

General English classes with a teacher  with business elements - 60-minute classes.

Workshops with a teacher – 60-minute classes

  • conversations,
  • grammar,
  • reading and writing,
  • thematic classes – Club Activity

One-to-one consultations with a teacher – up to 30 minutes.

Multimedia Lessons – without limits. Multimedia Lessons are interactive general classes, which develop a variety of skills and aim at systematising and solidifying your knowledge. Multimedia Lessons help our students feel comfortable during classes with a teacher.

Additionally at Speak Up you decide how you want to learn, you can choose ONLINE CLASSES in our VIRTUAL SCHOOL or LESSONS at one of our traditional brick-and-mortar schools or both. 

Dodatkowym atutem nauki w naszej szkole jest to, że to Ty decydujesz w jaki sposób chcesz się uczyć - czy mają to być zajęcia ONLINE, W WIRTUALNEJ SZKOLE czy STACJONARNE lub mieszane.

Online Classes with a teacher are recorded so you can replay them any time!  




You can accurately demonstrate attitudes, feelings and points of view. You can review and express constructive criticism. You can defend your point of view, express different reactions and degrees of certainty. You notice hidden meaning. And can talk about household chores.


You express hypothesis concerning causes and consequences and you can formulate detailed statements about complex problems. You use different registers, adequate to a particular situation and express your opinion on topics concerning scientific achievements.


You express attitudes, feelings and points of view in a coherent manner, using advanced language structures. You can defend your opinions in a convincing way. You can use idioms and notice hidden meaning, expressed indirectly by others.
With ease, you talk about business issues.
You’re a Master!


You express opinions and hypotheses on various substantial issues. You can create detailed, coherent statements concerning business (i.e. conducting meetings or giving presentations). You use complex language structures and idiomatic expressions spontaneously and precisely.
You’re a Master!


Our Students about the Advanced course at Speak Up

For me, it is very important to have constant contact with the language. It is possible at Speak Up. Online classes are very convenient.


I work a lot and very often I travel on business. Without Speak Up it wouldn’t be possible for me to learn English. Flexible hours do a great job!


Znałam bardzo dobrze zasady języka angielskiego ale nigdy nie mówiłam płynnie, teraz to się zmieniło :)


I truly appreciate the passion and commitment of teachers. They treat us as equals. Many Native Speakers to choose from.