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The Speak Up Method

You don't have time for learning? You have a lot of commitments?

Speak Up School is a perfect solution for people who work or lead an active life and flexibility is the key element in their decision to start learning. With us, you can choose classes at any time, both at school or online. If you have other plans and cannot attend the classes, don’t worry – you can attend them at other, convenient time.


Do you want to learn English quickly?

With us, you will learn effectively and two times faster. Our flexible schedule adapts to your needs with ease.


Do you want to speak English fluently?

Multimedia lessons and conversation classes are a great way to break the language barrier and start speaking English with confidence.


Do you want to be sure that you’ll never miss classes?

If you are unable to be present at school you can always cancel your classes one day in advance and attend them later, when you have time.


Do you want to choose only those classes that interest you?

You can choose both the type of classes and their theme depending on your needs:


  • conversation
  • grammar
  • vocabulary
  • writing
  • business and hobby activities


Do you want to obtain a language certificate?

After each completed level, you will receive a certificate proving your language proficiency. We can also help you prepare for the FCE (B2 first) and CAE (C1 Advanced) examinations.

Leave us your contact information, and we will help you with your English.

What makes us stand out?

FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE – you chose when and what classes you want to attend

NEVER MISS A CLASS – if you have other plans you can attend classes at a different time

WIDE RANGE OF CLASSES TO CHOSE FROM – general development classes, workshops, consultations and multimedia lessons.


SCHOOL AND ONLINE – at Speak Up you can attend classes at school or online –  no need to commit to only one type of classes.

Interesting, involving and interactive MULTIMEDIA LESSONS.

YOU DECIDE on the skills that YOU WANT to develop: conversation, grammar, writing, reading, business, etc.



We give you a WRITTEN GUARANTEE that your learning goal will be achieved.

What classes do we have for you?

Our course is above all focused on practical language usage. This is why we offer a variety of class and freedom of choice.

Teacher contact classes – 60-minute classes

Workshops with a teacher – 60-minute classes

  • conversation
  • grammar
  • reading and writing

Thematic classes – Club Activity


Consultations with a teacher – up to 30 minutes.

Multimedia Lessons – without limits. Multimedia Lessons are interactive general classes, which develop a variety of skills and aim at systematizing and solidifying your knowledge. Multimedia Lessons help our students feel comfortable during classes with a teacher.


At Speak Up you have can choose how you attend classes:

  • Only at a brick-and-mortar school,
  • Only online (attending online live classes with a teacher and doing Multimedia Lessons),
  • Mixed – you can do classes both at school and online.
Online Classes with a teacher are recorded so you can replay them any time!


In the English Zone you can:

  • improve your language,
  • expand your skills in subjects that interest you most,
  • do Multimedia Lessons from the comfort of your home,
  • attend classes with a teacher,
  • consult the teacher via Skype,
  • play and collect points so each lesson gives you the motivation to do the next one :)

Student’s Club is an element of the course that activates students with such attractions as:

  • a visit to a café,
  • themed trips,
  • location-based games,
  • discussion clubs in a restaurant,
  • a visit to the cinema
and all of that in English under the watchful eye of the teacher!


kursy angielskiego a1
kursy angielskiego a2
kursy angielskiego b1
kursy angielskiego b2
kursy angielskiego c1
kursy angielskiego c1 plus
Level A1

You can understand and use basic expressions. You can describe everyday life in simple words. You know how to introduce yourself and others. You can describe the place that you live in, people that you know or things/objects from your surroundings. It is important that your partner speaks English slowly and clearly. They should also be ready to offer you necessary language assistance and help.


You can introduce yourself and others. Without problems, you can talk about yourself and give basic information in simple sentences (what is your job, where do you live, what is your daily routine, what do you like). Using basic vocabulary you can describe your day and give simple instructions to your conversation partner.


You can talk about your favourite activities and ask questions. You can describe your house, family life and with pleasure tell other people about important events. With ease, you can hold a simple conversation about cooking, do the shopping and invite friends to your birthday party.


Thinking about the future in English? Talking about changes in life? Even on the phone? These tasks are tailor-made for you! You can describe your skills and talents. You can talk about your generation or about the past. Small talk about holidays or the weather? – No problem!

Level A2

You can understand and use expressions often used in every-day communication (e.g. basic information about your interlocutor and their family, shopping, and surroundings). You can communicate in routine communication situations which need an uncomplex and direct information exchange on typical and known subjects. You can describe your background, surroundings and talk about every-day important matters. 


You can describe the appearance and character traits of your friends. You can express obligation and necessity. You can agree and disagree. With ease, you will describe your place of living and order your favourite meal in a restaurant. Requests? Planning for the future? – You can do it!


You can make offers, form assumptions and express requests. You can share your experience and express emotions such as joy, admiration, disbelief, and surprise. Really? You can ask for information and give recommendations. You can describe life in a big city and talk about your hobbies interestingly.

Level B1

Using standard input you can talk about many topics, e.g.: work, school or your free time. You can deal with most situations likely to arise while travelling and which require the usage of English. You can coherently speak on topics that you know and like. You can describe experiences, events, dreams, hopes, and aspirations. You can briefly explain your opinions and plans.


You can describe feelings, emotions, and attitudes. Talking about your childhood memories in English? No problem! With pleasure, you will talk about literature, theatre, travels or technological advancement. You can explain how to operate various devices. It is easy for you to express assumptions in English.


You can talk about the media and advertising. You can express assumptions and give advice. You can provide reasons for being unsatisfied with a service. You can talk about discoveries, research and past achievements, you describe people, places and events. In informal conversations, you can express your opinions on current events. Environment, government, politics and finances? – for you it’s easy! You can conduct a conversation in English!


You can start, maintain and conclude a simple conversation. You can express your opinions on different lifestyles, subcultures and cultural differences or talk about climate change and natural phenomena. Conversations about future trends? – Sure! You can read and understand announcements, interpret meaning, express sorrow and regret.


You can express your opinion on subjects connected with films and TV. You can describe ailments and health problems. You can talk about experiences with education, converse about sport – both professional and every-day conversations. Conversations on topics connected with employment and future are no problem for you.

Level B2

You can understand main ideas of complex text on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions. You can interact fluently and spontaneously , which makes a regular conversation with native speakers quite possible without strain. You can speak and produce written text on a wide range of subjects, you enjoy discussions and present your point of view on a variety of topics giving advantages and disadvantages of various options.


Abstract topics are not a problem for you. You can describe feelings, emotions, plans and hopes. You can share your experiences in detail and provide precise information. Conducting a conversation, developing thoughts, formulating clear statements, expressing your opinion and discussions are easy for you!


You can express and fully justify your opinions. Banking and finance topics are no problem for you! You can express certainty, possibility and doubt. You can react, express interest, compassion and surprise. You can use colloquial expressions. You can rate and review. Awesome!

Level C1

You can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognize implicit meaning. You express yourself fluently and spontaneously without hesitation and searching for expressions you need. You can use language freely and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes. You can produce clear, well-structured, detailed texts on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organisational patterns, linking words and devices.


You can precisely demonstrate attitudes, feelings and points of view. You can review and express constructive criticism. You can defend your point of view, express different reactions and degrees of certainty. You notice hidden meaning. And can talk about household chores.


You express hypothesis concerning causes and consequences and you can formulate detailed statements about complex problems. You use different registers, adequate to a particular situation and express your opinion on topics concerning scientific achievements.

Level C1+

You understand a wide range of demanding texts and notice hidden meaning, expressed indirectly. In a consistent manner you can summarize information from different sources. You express your thoughts fluently, spontaneously and precisely. You can use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic and professional purposes.


You express attitudes, feelings and points of view in a coherent manner, using advanced language structures. You can defend your opinions in a convincing way. You can use idioms and notice hidden meaning, expressed indirectly by others. With ease, you talk about business issues. You’re a Master!


You express opinions and hypotheses on various substantial issues. You can create detailed, coherent statements concerning business (i.e. conducting meetings or giving presentations). You use complex language structures and idiomatic expressions spontaneously and precisely. You’re a Master!