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English for kids


kursy angielskiego dla dzieci

> learning through play,

> gaining new abilities,

> awaking passion for learning English,

> breaking the language barrier.


Age groups:


> 7-9/10 years old,

> 10-11/12 years old.


Speak Up for Kids:

> 120 lessons (1 lesson is 45 minutes),

> classes twice a week, 70 minutes each,

> the same group one group,

> the same teachers.



> Beginners – Kids 1A,

> Elementary – Kids 2A,

> Pre-intermediate – Kids 3A,

> Intermediate – Kids 4A.

nauka angielskiego dla dzieci


Additional information:

> Children learn through play, music and TPR (total physical response) method,

> We guarantee a lot of fun and creative approach to the English language,

> Speak Up Kids A1 through listening and speaking prepares children for reading and writing at levels 2,3 and 4.