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Wiosenne zwroty w języku angielskim

Wiosna przyszła, czyli THE SPRING HAS COME. Warto więc poznać kilka popularnych idiomów ze słowem SPRING. 

  • SPRING UP LIKE MUSHROOMS – wyrastać jak grzyby po deszczu

Burger restaurants are springing up like mushrooms in my neighbourhood. Last month one restaurant opened just round the corner. This month yet another one has opened opposite my house.

  • ONE SWALLOW DOES NOT MAKE A SPRING – jedna jaskółka wiosny nie czyni

Shareholders are really happy with the initial results, however, one swallow does not make a spring, so we’d better wait until the end of the month.

  • BE NO SPRING CHICKEN – nie być już tak młodym

I'm no spring chicken anymore, so I can't meet at 9pm and stay out until 3am drinking and dancing. Can we meet at 7pm, please?

  • SPRING TO MIND – przychodzić do głowy

I can’t decide what to cook for lunch. Nothing springs to mind. I think I’ll just grab some take-away food on my way home.

  • SPRING FEVER – wiosenna gorączka/podniecenie

A lot of teenagers get spring fever in April and May and they miss a lot of school classes. Only diligent students come to school until the end of the school year.

  • SPRING INTO ACTION – zacząć działać

In case of fire, firefighters have to be able to spring into action very quickly.

  • BE FULL OF THE JOYS OF SPRING – być bardzo szczęśliwym

was full of the joys of spring when I found out that I had passed all my exams. Some of them were very difficult. I thought I would have to study all summer to take them again in September.

  • SPRING OUT OF SOMETHING – wyskoczyć z

The kitten sprang out of the bathroom when I opened the door. 

  • SPRING A LEAK – zacząć wyciekać

By the time we realised we had sprung a leak, there was already two feet of water at the bottom of our boat. 


When were you last full of the joys of spring?

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