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Walentynki po angielsku - inspiracje walentynkowe - Speak Up

Walentynki po angielsku? To możliwe! Wystarczy, że nauczysz się najczęściej używanych zwrotów i sprawisz, że będzie to najlepszy Valentines Day ever!



In celebrated on February 14th and it’s a holiday to celebrate romance and romantic love. Are wondering what to do with your date? Or are you plucking up courage to invite your crush? Here are some of the things that you might want to try out and do together.

  • Send out or give a Valentine card. The usual phrase is “Be my Valentine”.
  • Buy flowers.
  • Gift chocolate hearts either store-bought or, better even, home-made.
  • Go on a date.
  • Go on a movie date (in America we say go to the movie theater or in the United Kingdom to the cinema)
  • Eat a candle-lit dinner in a nice restaurant.
  • Attend a romantic night at the planetarium.
  • If you have been in a relationship for a while, you can try re-creating your first date.
  • Cook dinner together.
  • Write love letters to each other.
  • Send your partner on a treasure hunt.
  • And if you go on that dinner date you might want to split the bill, go Dutch or go halvsies. Then a date can be called a Dutch date.




  • plucking up courage – trying to be brave enough to do something; zbierać się na odwagę
  • a crush – an object of someone’s infatuation; obiekt czyjegoś zauroczenia
  • try out – to try and do something; wwypróbować
  • Be my Valentine” – a phrase often written on Valetntie cards that can be treated as an invitation for a date; “Zostań moją walentynką”
  • chocolate heart – chocolates made in the shape of a heart; czekoladowe serce
  • store-bought – something bought at a shop or store and not made at home; kupny,-a,-e
  • home-made – something made at home – usually do describe food; domowej roboty
  • movie date – a date on which you go to see movie; randka w kinie
  • candle-lit dinner – a dinner which the light is provided by lit candles; kolacja przy świecach
  • re-create – create again; odtworzyć
  • love letter – a letter you write to the person you love; list miłosny
  • split the bill, go Dutch, go halvsies – to pay the bill together, either equally or for oneself; zapłacić wspólnie rachunek – po równo lub zapłacić za siebie.





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